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Hart Hanson Discusses Bones Finale
Bones Boss Answers Burning Finale Questions, Confirms Season 8 Time Jump and More!

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Finder Tumblr Page
Hi, my name is Brooke; I started a Finder Tumblr page where I post promos/videos/and other news or spoilers about the show.

I wasn't sure if this was an appropirate place to post this but...I noticed quite a few people were wanting a comm. I don't have one of those; so I thought I'd let people know I had a tumblr page about it.

I have the ask feature so if anyone has anything they'd like to share regarding The Finder...feel free to let me know.


The Finder Confession Blog
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Some new Bones Spoilers from Kristen.
Jack Deflated
larissa: I know the Bones premiere is floating around, so spill! How cute are Booth and Bones?
So adorable we want to punch ourselves in the face. Our favorite scene is at the very end, when they're both lying in bed talking about finding a house and basically promising each other a wonderful future together. Plus, Booth uses the cutest baby-talk voice to speak to his unborn child, and then he goes and tops it off with a kiss to his gal's pregnant belly. If that doesn't melt your heart, please go see someone about not having a soul.

Marcia in Tallahassee, Fla.: Do Angela and Sweets help Bones and Booth in their preparation for baby time?
And how! In fact, Sweets does more than just tell them how awesome parenthood can be…he shows them. Basically, the season premiere is packed with amazing moments for both couples, and we were smiling so big when the episode finished.

Of course they're going to throw Sweets in this.

Again they're putting Sweets in a position he knows NOTHING about. Overusing him because of Hart Hanson's man-crush on him.

It's like me telling a pregnant woman how great parenthood is going to be. STFU Sweets.

I found this to be one of the WORST Bones episodes ever; if not THE WORST. The episode was a mind fuck of awful. I would rather have a marathon of movies I hate then watch this episode again. I still go back to this episode for why this show hurts my feelings.

I'll tell you why this episode burns me. It has to do with a brilliant episode called 'The Girl With The Curl' The girl kills another girl. There is SO much compassion for this scared child...that it was such a brilliant episode to show that not all criminals are just that...criminals.

And it happens again; in the season 4 episode; they have a child kill his father's mistress because he's afraid of what it will do to his mother. THAT had so much potentinal and it was wasted on being funny and stupid.
This encounter made me question Bones more then I already had been doing.
ELI: Hey, are you two gonna make out?
BOOTH: Hey, quiet. You lost your right to talk.
BRENNAN: Why do people always think we’re going to make out?
BOOTH: I say we let him sit back there the entire trip back, by himself.
BRENNAN: He did kill someone. And he ruined my dig. Plus, you know he’s gonna try to drink all the champagne.
BOOTH: We’re going to need some for later. To us. (holds up glass and “clinks” it against BRENNAN’s. They each take a drink, then recline their seats, making content noises. BOOTH’s only reclines halfway.) Hey, why does yours go all the way back and mine doesn’t go all the way back?
I lost so much respect for Booth and Brennan for this encounter. He was such a horrible person in this moment; as was she.
I just can’t get over how bad this episode missed it’s mark to be something more then a joke. What a fail.

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BONES Season 6 Overview: My Thoughts
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Episode 6x13 BONES: The Daredevil In The Mold
I'm mostly going to discuss the ending. I think it was the best part of the entire episode.

So what he proposed to someone who's not the 'marrying kind' it was never really shown that she WASN'T. It more showed that she WAS. In one of the earliest episodes we see her panic as she believes he's going to propose because of the dinner; doesn't mean 'I'm not the marrying kind'; it could easily mean 'I'm just not married yet, I am new year; we've only been dating for this long'.

Things that shown she is in Booth's eyes. She moved there to be with him. I mean she told him she wouldn't take the sort of job; and she took it to be closer to him. She moved in with him, got to know his friends;l and then she got to know the most important person in his life; Parker. So I believe actions speak louder than words.

I cringed when he threw the ring. What was that taken from, Hart? Some Soap Opera or fanfic you ran across? Who does that? Especially Booth who in the earlier seasons was supposed to be seen as 'the blue collar worker'.

I have to disagree with many comments. I don't think he proposed because Sweets said that. Booth is a grown man; and he wants the family; you can tell. So its' not a far stretch that he decided to marry Hannah 'all by him self'. He allowed her to move in, meet his friends, and Parker. So again actions speak louder than words.

As for his rant on Brennan. GOOD FOR HIM! I hated how the 100th episode ended with her freaking out that things would be different and they walk off doing the B/B fluff shit ending. No things aren't going to be the same! And yet with the last half of season 5 they forced the shit out of it when they should have been making him awkward around her. He is a hurting man who just couldn't hold it anymore. They wrote him very well in that scene; I ached for him because David's acting and the words were just fantastic. I didn't feel sorry for Brennan; I haven't felt sorry for her all season. Those that claim about her past; Booth has proved to her that he would stay; all of these things. She turned him down. Brennan used to be a strong independent character; and she's not anymore. They've written her to be a whiny, bratty, self dependent character. She's the weakest female character on TV right now. I think that's why so many feel sorry for her because she's weak.

So when he's FINALLY awkward and the writing comes off as list stiff and forced; fans cry and then blame him for asking her; and then get mad because he did what he told her he would do; he moved on! GOOD FOR HIM!

As for the 'best acting of his career' that I've been hearing; though I felt for him. I think his best acting remains on Angel. I do think it was the best acting of the last two seasons of Bones; but not his career. Angel suffocating Wesley "You think I forgive you? NEVER!" Still gives me chills. The episodes of Angel dealing with the loss of Connor were heartbreaking.

The end

Bones: The Bullet In The Brain
The beginning of the Bullet In The Brain was one of the best Bones intros/openings I’ve seen in the past couple of years; the scenes with Heather and Sweets were GREAT; it was John’s best acting in his entire three years on Bones. His acting doesn’t move or do anything for me but he was great in last night’s episode. I thought Heather’s evilness was too forced when she was brought in the first time to play the unmasked villain; but she hit the nail on the head last night; she was perfect. And I don’t ‘think it was her acting last time I think it was the writing. And no I will NEVER view her the same in Step Up, again. LOL.

The episode lost the greatness; it just wasn’t the episode I really wanted it to be. I wanted more drama from the writing and the actors. Though it was the best of the sixth season and maybe even the last three seasons; but not of the series. I usually don’t expect much of Bones anymore; and I guess with all the talk and promos I expected something more. Though I thought the case was one of the strongest it’s been in the last couple of years.

The character that killed it for me was Max. He was extremely unnecessary in this episode. I don’t care for his character or his humor. He’s just okay. I hated his forced B/B inquiry it was again an unnecessary element that the episode just didn’t need. It didn’t need that forced gimmick or humor; it was MUCH bigger then Booth/Brennan; and I wish the writers would have understood that.

I'm also a fan who's tired of Brennan's arrogance. When her father claims that she's both smarter and prettier then Hannah and Brenna goes "I know". Looks to me are all about perspective. Like I think Hannah/Kathryn is prettier then Emily/Brennan; that's my perspective. But looks/smarts aren't what makes a relationship work. Someone may be ‘beautiful’ but not everyone views them that way. Angelina Jolie; some thinks she’s beautiful and others believe she isn’t. So for Brennan to make that judgment was extremely arrogant. It brings me back to her believing that she’s better than everyone; IE when Cam wanted to catch the murderer and Brennan was jealous and told Booth they wouldn’t be able to do it without her; I just think her arrogance kills her personality. It’s not attractive and it’s not funny; it’s rude and unnecessary (I am using that damn word a lot.LOL)

I was more disappointed with the lack of Hodgins. Hodgins was extremely affected by the Gravedigger and we didn’t get more from him. All we got was that he was happy; I wanted more from him. Like when he saw the pieces of Heather’s head on the table; TJ’s potential to me was lost yet again. Hodgins reaction to me was more important on whether or not Brennan/Booth are together and how Max feels about it. Hodgins was a big part of the whole Gravedigger arc and it was just disappointing.

I loved John Francis Daly in the episode; I thought this was his best acting every on the series. But I felt he was used because they like using Sweets too much; the writers/creators like to give him too much to do. Also Patricia Belcher was fantastic too her humor and her pain and fear of seeing Heather being shot was fantastic.

I laughed when Booth’s in the diner and Brennan was like “You should have waited for me”. I felt she’d have made things worse by getting in his way; he wouldn’t have thought clearly. But when the man replied something along the lines of how Booth doesn’t shoot if there’s doubt; what doubt? The man rigged up his trailer to blow up; which would clearly look like he was trying to kill two birds with one stone; wiping out Booth and the evidence.

The best line was what Heather said about Sweets because it’s nothing but the truth. That’s how I feel about Sweets.